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4 Tips to Make Your Workout More Enjoyable

So you've harnessed the motivation to attend another one of your favorite Silichcore+ classes- now let's make sure you actually enjoy it! Here's a few tips from real trainers on how to actually love your workout.

Plan a Post-Workout meal

Having some well-deserved food in mind for your post-workout treat will motivate you to crush your sweat session. Erin Bulvanoski, trainer at KORE New York, says it helps her really work for that snack she's craving. "I love finding a great smoothie shop after class," she says. "It's something I get excited about."

Watch Yourself

Look at you go! Our floor-to-ceiling mirrors aren't here to torture you. Sure, you may feel a little awkward while you're getting the hang of a particularly challenging move, but looking in the mirror can help perfect your form over time.

Think About How You'll Feel After

Exercise has long been shown to have lasting mental health benefits well after you complete a workout. Activity (even just a walk around the block) is said to reduce stress, boost your mood, and improve self-esteem. Those awesome psychological effects should be motivation enough to pull you through a tough workout!

Set Attainable Goals

Any goal reached deserves a congratulations! Look forward to congratulating yourself and telling others about your success after your workout.

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