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4 Unique Health and Fitness magazines you probably haven't heard of

We all know the health & fitness magazine basics: Men's Health, Women's Health, Runner's World- But we're tired of those. Here's a list of 4 health & fitness magazines with unique features that might spark your interest.


This magazine provides credible and trustworthy content thanks to its review board members that check that each article. The Prevention Medical Review Board is made up of board-certified experts from a wide range of medical fields—from weight loss to heart health to dermatology.

Healthy Children

For parents with children of all ages, Healthy Children is an e-magazine that provides helpful tips on nutrition, fitness, sports, emotional wellness and sleep. also lets you create your own account to receive personalized content and up-to-date pediatric health information.

Eat This, Not That!

Ever on the fence about buying a snack at the supermarket, or ordering a meal at your favorite restaurant? Eat this, Not that! will steer you in the healthy direction by providing suggestions for smart alternatives to your favorite not-so-healthy foods.


Here in the Hamptons, we have the luxury of exercising at the beach. Whether you've only taken one surfing class or you're a seasoned pro, check out Surfer magazine for award-winning images from the world's best surf photographers. You can also read up on interviews about how world class surfers stay in shape and ride the waves.

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