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5 Sleeping Products for HAMPTONS Fitness Moms

After a busy day at work, SilichCore+ session, and taking care of the kids we could assume you're EXHAUSTED at bedtime. Although, Its no myth that active moms still have a trouble sleeping through the night. Some say turning off your phone or no caffeine before bed helps but here are 6 other options that will also assist in this bedtime turmoil.


1.Happy Ears Earplugs

Description: These reusable ear plugs are a no brainer for cutting any outside noises you can peacefully doze off.

Press: Vogue,Women's Health,Forbes

Click this link to buy on Amazon:


2.Buffy Comforter (Queen/Full Size)

Description: With over 15,000 five star reviews this comfortable was a easy buy. Also, they're Hypoallergenic and resistant to dust, mites, and mold. The company lets you try them risk free as well.

Click this link to buy on Amazon:


3.Oshea for Parachute Rest Linen Mist

Description: If you enjoy this smell of fresh linen, this product is that plus more. Made natural lavender, geranium, peppermint, sage and essential oils. Free from any toxic, synthetic ingredients, it will for sure help you catch some extra zzz's.

Click this link to buy on Oshea:


4.Tata Harper Aroma Bedtime Treatment

Description: Apply this to your temples,palms,and joints and breathe deeply to calm your mind.

Click this link to buy on amazon:


5. Gilligan and O'Malley Women's Pajama Set

Description: This comfy pajama set is not only comfrotable but is made with stretch fabric that moves with your body even if you toss and turn throughout the night.

Click this link to buy on Amazon:

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